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Last Week in WoW: Settling in to patch 5.2 edition


Happy Tuesday morning, everyone. We're to that period in the new patch where we haven't quite finished the content, and there's still hotfixes every other day, but things have simmered down a bit and a lot of us have our daily routine down again.

That said, there's still plenty of cool stuff going on, and we have the usual roundup of all the news from the past 7 days, along with more guides to help you get the most from Patch 5.2's new content. Scheduled maintenance starts at 5:00 a.m. PDT today and is expected to last for 6 hours, so you should have time to get caught up.

Hot news and features
  • Check out the latest patch 5.2 hotfixes for March 11, March 12, March 14, March 15.
  • There won't be any more 5-man dungeons in Mists, but they will be back for future expansions.
  • PvP season 13 has begun.
  • If you're delving into the Raid Finder for the new raid, you'll want these 5-second guides to the bosses of the Last Stand of the Zandalari.
  • We have a guide to running the new single-player Troves of the Thunder King scenario.
  • Blizzard is offering free server moves for select servers until March 21.
  • If you're visiting from a different realm, you won't get loot from an Oondasta or Nalak kill.
  • Do you hate the CRZ system? It turns out some realms my be exempt from it.
  • Want to keep track of your Isle of Thunder tasks? There's an addon for that.
  • The Call to Auction podcast recently got a chance to ask some questions of Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street about the economy and professions.
  • WoW Archivist suggests 11 great moments in WoW history that should return as scenarios.
  • Rossi speculates on the possibility of scaling old raids to max level players.
  • Is WoW too easy? Blue poster Draztal disagrees.
  • Blizzard may allow you to get off-spec gear in Raid Finder in the future.

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