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Dragon's Crown reigns in new trailer, bonus art book unveiled


After Vanillaware finally unveiled a new 30-second teaser for PS3 and Vita game Dragon's Crown last month, the Muramasa and Odin Sphere studio hurried back to the drawing board to rustle up a full two minutes of hand-animated, 2D action-RPG trailerness. Which is why it's here for your viewing enjoyment this morning.

Not that you need us to tell you the trailer's for a Vanillaware game. The studio's inimitable, time-intensive style makes its games easily stand out, which is why an art book sounds like a great bonus for a limited number of early adopters in Japan. Publisher Atlus revealed the 64-page hardback includes art by Vanillaware, and tribute work from Kinu Nishimura, Akira Yasuda, and Bengus of Capcom fame.

Today's trailer confirms the reported Japanese release date of July 25. Last we heard, Atlus said it's bringing Dragon's Crown to North America sometime this year.

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