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Facebook testing iOS notification that bugs you to update your status

In a stellar example of how annoying push notifications can be if misused by app developers, social media giant Facebook is testing a push notification on its iOS app that bugs a user to update their status if they have not updated it in a while. The "feature" was first discovered and tweeted by Bijan Sabet, a general partner at Spark Capital and confirmed by Mashable.

A Facebook representative admitted to Mashable that the feature is in a "small test we're running." Facebook is notorious for testing new features in certain geographic segments across the globe. However, just because they're testing this does not mean that the company will make it a standard "feature" on the app. But if it does, I can easily see this annoying the heck out of users. Sometimes I just don't need to update my Facebook status every day or week, and if my app is always asking me to do so, it will quickly be deleted.

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