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Limited-time VIP packs for Dragon's Prophet include beta access, houses

MJ Guthrie

It's pretty standard for upcoming free-to-play games to offer limited-time starter packs to interested players, and Dragon's Prophet is no different. SOE has unveiled three early access packages for the dragon-filled fantasy game, each offering special in-game items as well as VIP access to the closed beta going on now.

The Dragon Seeker Pack is the basic starter pack and includes various scrolls, potions, and runes for $19.99 US. Next is the Dragon Master Pack, which gives players even more for the price of $39.99, including a dragon mount, vanity armor, bank and bag slots, and a small house. The legendary pack is the Dragon Lord pack; players can purchase it for $89.99 and get even more outfits and bag/bank slots, a large house, and weapon skins. All three packs include the beta access, a special title (that matches the title of the pack), and StationCash.

While these packs will be available for only a limited time, players can still sign up for beta by applying on the official site.

[Thanks to Mikey for the tip!]

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