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Diablo 3 for consoles 'not necessarily a Sony exclusive'


Diablo 3 is a beast, a monster that Sony wrangled down for what appeared to be an exclusive, but that doesn't appear to be the case. Speaking to the Penny Arcade Report, Diablo 3 Senior Producer Julia Humphreys clarified the game's platform agnosticism saying, "We don't have any announcements to make at this time ... But we're not necessarily a Sony exclusive."

Diablo 3 for consoles has only been confirmed for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 at this point. The version shown at PAX East today was the PS3 version.

Features noted for the PS3 version include less spammy loot drops, an easier system to equip items directly form the main game screen and reiteration of no real-money auction house and the ability for offline play.

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