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Amazon wraps Disney, Lego, Sims, Skylanders games in Easter deals


Not all of us want chocolate for Easter. Some of us just want moar video games, and in particular ones involving Lego pieces, Disney characters, Simstuff, Skylanders goodies, and, er, Dance Central 3. You may say we're weird, fussy, and worryingly specific. But, as if by some holiday miracle, Amazon is here for us.

The retailer's Easter sale brings savings across a ton of Lego, Disney, Skylanders, and Sims content - and yes, Dance Central 3. Harmonix's third moves-buster is down to just $19.99, while the Kinect Sports Ultimate Collection bundle is at $28.46.

Meanwhile, Epic Mickey 2 falls to $19.99 on Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii U, Lego Batman 2 on 360, PS3, Vita and Wii is $14.99, and SimCity is already down to $39.99 - or $19.99 if you buy it alongside some clean-sounding stuff. You know what: there are a lot of Easter deals which you can check out on Amazon, and we'd love to tell you about every single one of them but chocolate here now so no*.

*turns out we also want chocolate

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