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Samsung Galaxy S 4 expected to launch on T-Mobile on May 1st


Here at T-Mobile's "UnCarrier" press conference, we've heard loads of pricing and availability details for the company's new LTE-enabled handsets. Well, here's one more tidbit: the Galaxy S4 is expected to hit T-Mo on May 1st. If that sounds like soft, tentative language on our part, it's because the carrier said the phone will arrive "about May 1st," so it's possible it could arrive, you know, on May 3rd instead. That said, it's coming, and soon. As for pricing, nothing's been confirmed, but we already know T-Mobile's other LTE phones (the iPhone 5, HTC One, etc.) will go for $100 plus monthly payments of $20 for two years, so we wouldn't be surprised if the same were true here.

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