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LG patents RFID-labelled cookbook, attempts to offer more than just another place to spill sauce


LG is no stranger to mixing together patents and white goods and this time it's trying to bridge the gap between recipes and those all-too-often underwhelming results. One of its patents, granted today, outlines the idea of two RF tags that would offer food information and appliance specs, with a reader located on a terminal (say, an oven) that would attempt to bridge the gap between the two. This (likely wireless) device would then connect to a server, which would return operating details for cooking that specified "food information" on your appliance of choice. LG also hints at the ability of expanding the remit of a book when enough info can't be given due to the space limitations of the printed word, hopefully offering up some added value to any compatible future cookbooks. Well, you've got to try and explain those connected fridge and oven costs somehow, right?

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