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Limbo Vita outsourced to LittleBigPlanet dev Double Eleven [Update: 'This year']


Playdead is outsourcing the just announced Vita version of Limbo to Double Eleven, the UK team who co-developed LittleBigPlanet for the Sony portable. Speaking to Joystiq, Playdead CEO Dino Patti said his studio is excited about the monochromatic puzzle-platformer's first "mobile launch," even though outsourcing is an unusual step.

"This version of the game is for the first time being made externally," Patti told us. "In the way we work there is normally no room for outsourcing, but the talented team at Double Eleven has convinced us that this is the right decision."

Patti continued, "Together we are working hard to give the mobile players exactly the same experience the PS3 players have had on the living room TV."

Shacknews learned there could be a PS Plus promotion involved. Playdead also told Shacknews that the Vita port won't support cross-play features.

Update: Patti expects the Vita port of Limbo to hit "this year," he told Joystiq at last night's PlayStation Indie Arcade. The port won't support any touchscreen gameplay.

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