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Quicksilver app launcher released after 10 years in beta

After spending 10 years in beta (and you thought Siri was in beta a long time) OS X launch utility Quicksilver has at last reached version 1.0. The utility allows users to launch applications or perform tasks through simple keyboard shortcuts.

Announcing the release, the developers of Quicksilver said in a blog post:

After almost 10 years of testing, Quicksilver lays the beta tag to rest. (If the lack of an eszett brings a tear to your eye, you can always reminisce by hitting ⌥S on your keyboard). What does this release mean? It means more than just a change in the version numbering system -- it signifies a maturity of Quicksilver and a sign of what's to come.

Quicksilver 1.0 is a free download, although the developers are accepting donations.

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