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Swedish Language Council drops 'ungoogleable' from new word list after legal pressure from Google


The Swedish Language Council appeared on Google's radar when it wanted to add the term ungoogleable (in Swedish, ogooglebar -- yep) to a list of new words. The company didn't want the word nixed, but redefined to reference Google directly and not just any general search engine -- this was the initial meaning of the term. Lawyers got involved, but instead of battling in court, the Language council decided to drop the addition entirely, not due to the objection but to bring more input to the process and avoid any legal time (and money) being wasted. The head of the council, Ann Cederberg said that "it's our use that gives it meaning -- not a multinational company exerting pressure." For now, at least, it looks like the definition is headed in the same direction of the one-time home of the Swedish Chef translator.

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