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Battlefield 4 skipping Wii U to avoid stretching team 'too thin'


There will be no touchscreen leg-cutting minigames at launch for Battlefield 4. DICE Creative director Lars Gustavsson told Videogamer a flat "no" in response to a query about the existence of a Wii U version of the military shooter.

"I think overall for me as creative director, number one is to deliver a really great game and experience," Gustavsson explained. "Sometimes, at least for us, it's focus on what you do well and what you know well, and ensure that you deliver something good than trying a bit too much, stretching yourself too thin and risking it. I'd rather play it safe, deliver something really good and then look at the future and what could possibly be done than trying a bit too hard and then, flat."

Just a few minutes earlier, on stage at the presentation, EA Games vice president Patrick Söderlund touted the game as "a new era of interactive entertainment," built on an engine that provided "no excuses. There's nothing really holding us back anymore."

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