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eBay's Sell it Forward splits auction proceeds with Goodwill


eBay's latest initiative is a little different from its more recent efforts that have focused mostly on re-branding and expanding the reach of PayPal. Sell it Forward encourages users to sell their used clothes and donate half the proceeds to Goodwill. The pilot program is currently only available in San Francisco, San Mateo, and Marin, though the company is going out of its way to make the process as painless as possible for those in eligible areas. Instead of creating listings for each item, wannabe auctioneers need only fill the pre-paid mailing bag (provided by eBay) with the clothes and accessories they wish to sell. Everything else will be taken care of for them. Employees will decide if your wares are in decent enough condition to sell, create a listing and, if the item is sold within 14 days, split the proceeds between the "seller" and Goodwill. If the item remains unsold for 14 days it becomes a straight donation to the charity. If you're in one of the trial areas and want to give Sell it Forward a go yourself, hit up the source link.

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