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Level 90 PvP Gems and Enchants by primary stat


Everyone knows where to get their PvP gear -- it's on the Serpent's Spine -- and with Blizzard's changes to the gear vendor panes, it's fairly straightforward to whittle it down to just exactly what you're after. However, one thing that's not so simple is the rest of the work you need to do. As we all know, gear needs gems, and it needs enchants, and we've struggled to find a place that pulls together all the PvP options for that, so we through we'd make one. Let's get started.

Pure PvP Stats

These, naturally, are items that provide increases in neat PvP stats, with no secondary stats. If you look back at my column which covered the changes to resilience, you can see how important these stats are. Depending on your style, class, and the season, these may be the best choice. There are no Jewelcrafting-only pure PvP stat gems.



Caster and Healer stats

I'm talking here about players who play anything which casts, and therefore benefits from intellect. Healers are under the same umbrella, as the spirit level in gearing focus is very personal, so I'm going to mix spirit gear into the other items. I'm focusing on mixed gems with PvP stats on them, as I'm sure you know the others already. Do check out the secondary stat gems at the bottom of the page.


Strength Classes

Again, lumping all classes that use strength as a primary stat into one big group here. I'm putting all the secondary stats into a bundle below!

Agility Classes

Again, check out the secondary stats below!

Secondary Stats

Critical Strike:Haste:Hit:Expertise:Parry:Stamina:Mastery:
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