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Super Joystiq Podcast Special: Battlefield 4, bad company


GDC 2013 is underway, and EA took the spotlight last night to officially unveil Battlefield 4 – and we have opinions.

Alexander, Ludwig, Dave, and Jess are in to talk about the reveal event-turned near-debacle. A completely botched PR campaign is already overshadowing the announcement itself, and "Press F to cut leg" doesn't help matters.

Now, excuse us while we try not to trip down these dub-BWWWAAAAAAHHHHHHH.

Listen to the Super Joystiq Podcast:Details about each segment are available after the break.

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Show Breakdown
  • 00:00:00 - 00:34:58 // BF4: Alexander, Ludwig, Dave, Jess

Theme Music: Satsuma Audio and Whitaker Blackall – "A Basstastic Undertaking"

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Alexander Sliwinski and Jonathan Downin

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