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Ibb and Obb 'hoping' to drop onto PSN in May


Ibb and Obb's long journey may finally be over in a month or so's time. We should temper some caution when the word hope is involved, but developer Sparpweed has "hope" it'll come good on its projected spring window and bring the gravity-focused co-op game to PS3s via PSN in May.

Talking of hope, Vita owners may share the hope of Sparpweed's Richard Boeser that the indie platformer is a hit. Boeser says that, "depending on how well it does," Sparpweed can consider bringing the game to the Sony portable too.

Ibb and Obb first caught our attention back in 2008, which gives you an idea of how long a journey it's been for the platformer, and for Boeser himself. He shares both his and the game's beginnings, and how they made their way to today in what's a good read on the PlayStation Blog, just as the above video on the game's various prototypes is a good watch.

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