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Leisure Suit Larry out second half of May, free-to-play Larry casino game in works


Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards' HD remake will be available sometime between May 15 - 30, Replay Games CEO Paul Trowe told us at GDC. We got some time with the game, which we learned had many of its puzzles altered so fans of the original game can't just power through it. The game will be available on PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Steam, Ouya, Linux and Blackberry.

Asked what's next for Replay Games, Trowe told us they are weighing the options of remaking Leisure Suit Larry 2 or creating an eighth all-new installment in the series. Before that, Replay will create a free-to-play Leisure Suit Larry casino game. Asked if it'll be in the style of Sierra's Hoyle games series, Trowe replied, "We haven't written the design document yet."

The LSL remake was funded through Kickstarter, receiving $655,182 in contributions. The update has been tweaked with new character models of sponsors and there's even a walk of shame outside Lefty's bar, with stars joking about specific about sponsors. Replay isn't planning on a Kickstarter for future games, with Trowe noting they should have the money off this game to fund future projects.

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