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Patch 5.3 PTR: Ghostcrawler clarifies Tri-Spec

I think WoW Insider was sufficiently cautious when we posted about the datamined tri-spec feature, saying, and I quote:
  • This is the PTR, and stuff can be datamined that never actually makes it to live
  • Even if it does get tested on the PTR, it doesn't necessarily follow that it will be implemented
  • Sometimes stuff gets put in the files just to mess with us.
And today, from Ghostcrawler's tweets, it looks like we were right to be cautious. He said the following this morning:
So it seems like those who took this as confirmed may have been hasty! It seems reasonable that it's an experiment, rather than a confirmed element coming into WoW. There was a healthy discussion around this, and the fear of excessive homogeneity associated with it, and it's definitely not a decision that should be made lightly.

Are you disappointed? We're not sure that we are. It'd be nice to have a third spec for your main spec, offspec and PvP spec, but would you really use it to its full potential? Do people really want to carry three sets of gear in their bags?

Do note that this doesn't mean it's definitely not in, either. What are you hoping for?

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