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Ride to Hell achievement listing suggests imminent ride to retail


Ride to Hell, the Deep Silver biker game first announced in 2008 before dropping off the radar for several years, may make a surprise arrival on retail shelves in the near future. A list of achievements, posted today by Xbox360Achievements, is the latest piece of growing evidence that the long-unseen game is due for release soon.

Ride to Hell was initially expected on Xbox 360 in Q2 2009, but after missing its release window it was rumored to be canceled. Earlier this year, Deep Silver confirmed to Polygon the game is still in development, saying there would be announcements on it soon. Shortly after, a game called Ride to Hell: Retribution received a multiplatform rating from the Australian Classification Board, with developer Eutechnyx listed as the author and Deep Silver as the publisher.

The achievements themselves indicate a mixture of shooting with biking elements. When it was first announced in 2008, Deep Silver introduced Ride to Hell as "aimed heavily at the player who wants to become fully involved in the original West Coast biker culture" with a ""hard drinking, bare-knuckle environment." Then again, this was some five years ago.

We've reached out to Deep Silver for comment.

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