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Skullgirls drive ends at $830K, five DLC characters funded [update]


The Skullgirls Indiegogo fundraiser concluded this week at the neat figure of $829,829, beating its $150,000 goal by some five and a half times. The whirlwind drive means five new characters will come to the 2D fighter as downloadable content, including two "mystery" ones as chosen by a fan poll.

Developer Lab Zero Game's Indiegogo campaign took just 22 hours to raise the $150K required to fund the first DLC character, Squigly. Surpassed stretch goals unlocked the game's first male combatant, Big Band, along with Robo-Fortune and the two mystery characters. Each new fighter, with the exception of the second mystery one, is getting a new stage and storyline. That exception would've been unlocked at $850K, although it took a mammoth surge across the final day to take the fundraiser to its final figure.

Lab Zero says each piece of content developed thanks to the funds will be, for a limited time, free on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

Update: Lab Zero has since announced, due to unexpected additional funds, the second mystery character will get a stage and storyline. Lab Zero CEO Peter Bartholow posted an explanation on NeoGAF: "Non-disclosure agreements with the powers that be prevent me from getting too specific, but in the last week one of our character development line items has evaporated. This means we've got an additional $40,000 to play with now. Naturally we'll be using this money to give the 2nd fan-selected Mysterious Character a stage and story mode."

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