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Hotline Miami sequel takes out parallel plots, emotion of early 90s


The sequel to Hotline Miami tackles the more touchy-feely aspects of the early 90s, Dennaton Games duo Jonatan Söderström and Dennis Wedin tell Joystiq at GDC. The gameplay will stray in a few different directions, with parallel plots built around the first game, and more attention on emotional experiences.

It's planned for PC, although Abstraction, the company currently porting Hotline Miami to Vita, can now work on the sequel's port "right away," Wedin says. Dennaton is in talks with Sony, but if all goes well the sequel may ship day-and-date on PC and Vita, Wedin and Söderström say. Devolver Digital is on tap to publish again, and Dennaton is still talking with them, too.

"They've been super nice," Söderström says. Wedin chimes in, "They let us do whatever we want."

The protagonist of Hotline Miami – Dennaton is cool with the name "Jacket" – has a minor part in the next game, but he won't be a playable character. The music will feel familiar, too, with a few bands recycled from Hotline Miami and some new groups, but no original score.

If any of that is unsatisfactory to any fans of the series, chill out – the sequel is lucky it even exists, at least right now. Söderström and Wedin both wanted to work on a brand new IP, but they couldn't stop talking about Hotline Miami, so they decided to finish that project first. This sequel marks the end of Hotline Miami for Dennaton.

"It's the grand finale, for us," Wedin says.

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