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HP's $169 Slate 7 tablet delayed until June, according to HP's site (update: false alarm)


Maybe it's that $169 price, or maybe it's the inclusion of an honest-to-goodness memory card reader, but we know some of you can't wait to get your mitts on HP's new Slate 7 Android tablet. Back when it was first announced, the company indicated it'd be available by April, but it would seem that plan has changed: the product page on HP's site is now saying the Slate won't arrive until sometime in June. We're not sure why there's a delay (we're asking for comment), but we do know this can't be good news for HP. By June, after all, Google I/O will have come and gone, and the next-gen Nexus 7 might already be on sale.

[Thanks, jmartj]

Update: HP has confirmed that it made a mistake in listing a June 2013 arrival date on the Slate 7's product page. In fact, the tablet is still slated (har) to arrive in April. Carry on.

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