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Oculus Rift dev kits are shipping


Oculus VR people are very carefully putting Rift dev kits into swish-looking cases and shipping them off as of this week. Shipping began on Wednesday, March 27, meaning Oculus met its projected window with a few days to spare.

Going by Oculus's projections in line with that March window, Kickstarter backers can expect their kits to arrive by mid-April, and those with pre-orders later in the month. With kits on their way, Oculus also launched a Developer Center site, providing access to the Oculus software development kit, integration for Unity and Unreal Engine, and other useful things like wikis, forums, documents, and videos.

We can imagine devs are excited about receiving their kits, but we caution celebrating arrivals with booze. As Rift inventor Palmer Luckey told us, make sure you use the VR rig sober, or be prepared for some unpleasant effects.

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