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Trion Worlds' Victoria Voss talks ArcheAge


There's been quite the hubbub surrounding Trion Worlds' taking up the mantle as the Western publisher of Korean sandbox title ArcheAge, largely because many fans were doubtful that the game would even make its way to the western hemisphere at all. Now that we know that we're going to be able to get our hands on the title courtesy of Trion, a new set of questions have been raised. How will Trion be handling the game's localization? Will the game be receiving extensive westernization, or will we be getting the game as-is? Thankfully, some of those questions now have answers.

In an interview with MMOCulture, Trion Worlds' Senior Producer for ArcheAge, Victoria Voss, answered a few questions on the upcoming western version of the hotly anticipated sandbox title. In the interview, Voss reveals that Trion is in constant communication with ArcheAge developer XLGAMES in regard to the localization process, noting that Trion has discovered that "XLGAMES had many of the same thoughts [on localization] as [Trion], so many of the changes will be game-wide, not just for the west," though Trion is also "working with XLGAMES on some western-specific changes, such as character creation options, which [western] players are expecting." And of course, in the ultimate tease, Voss reveals that there is an internal ETA for the game's closed beta test, but Trion isn't quite ready to announce the specifics. For now, though, try to satiate your cravings by clicking through the link below to check out the full interview.

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