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Breakfast Topic: Do you have a secret getaway character?


Guild tag every last character? Of course not! As an introvert by nature, I value the ability to log in and play free from social or performance pressures. True, most of my time these days is spent leveling in a dedicated duo in a guild full of chatterboxes. But I also spend a good chunk of time on a level 90 who remains untagged and unknown. She lets me unplug from the social and work-related aspects of WoW to tool around at whatever pace I please. Her sister character on a different faction and realm is also unguilded; she's more of a PvPer and oh, does she enjoy letting off a little steam!

As you might imagine, I haven't availed myself of Real ID. When I can choose an appear offline option, I'll undoubtedly check it out. Until then, though, I like having the option to log in completely anonymously.

Do you have one or more secret getaway characters? If you do, would you consider your primary getaway character your main, an alternative main, or an alt?

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