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Tattered Notebook: What Chronoportals to EQII would you put in EQ Next?

MJ Guthrie

If you were even slightly luckier than I, you had the chance to traipse through the Chronoportals of EverQuest II's most recent event. The events inside these portals are a nod to the game's older sibling, the original EverQuest, and include landscapes, characters, and dialogue that reflect that first incarnation of Norrath. EQ vets understood the inside jokes and humor, who then had to explain it to us young EQII whippersnappers who'd never experienced the situations featured.

Even though I missed out on this year's event (I was too busy trying to weasel some EQ Next information out of folks at GDC for you), it got me thinking: If EQII has Chronoportals back to EQ, will EQ Next have some back to EQII? And if so, what iconic moments should be immortalized in the next incarnation of Norrath?

ZEQII screenshot
Isle of Refuge

Say what you will, one of the first portals needs to be to the Isle of Refuge. Even if new EQII players don't have a clue about these newbie islands, they are forever burned in the memory of veterans from the early years. Every single player started on one version of this isle, whether good little Qeynos citizens on Queen's Colony or evil Freeport folks on Outpost of the Overlord, and plenty of players were sad to see them go.

Now I am not too particular on what scenario should play out in the zone as much as I am on just seeing the zone itself. So what would you add inside this Chronoportal? A specific mob as a boss? A favorite encounter? Or maybe just bring down Antonia Bayle or Lucan D'Lere for a "rally the troops" kind of spiel?

EQII screenshotBloodtalon

Remember back in the olden days when you had to find and kill the epic griffin Bloodtalon for the Heritage Quest The Boots Were made For..., but that wily winged monster would never show up when you needed him? No, he was only easy to find when you were leisurely strolling through the Thundering Steppes, unaware of the certain death that was about to swoop down on you from the skies.

I definitely want a portal where a group of NPCs are half running for their lives and half chain rezzing each other in order to get the credit so another group can't snag the kill and force the dreaded spawn camp game. Of course, the zone needs to be filled with other griffins and a rare majestic griffin placeholder making an appearance before you even get to see Bloodtalon.

Nektulos Castle

I hear you groaning over there! Yes, we need a Chronoportal to Nek Castle. There are so many HQs that send you into that dark and twisted dungeon that just about every player has ventured inside at least once. How much more iconic can you get than that? Of course, sometimes once is enough; I know people who still shudder at the mention of that place.

This Chronoportal scenario needs to include something about the dreaded lockets quest -- maybe the sisters squabbling or maybe just getting lost in the maze that is the castle (feelings of vertigo optional).

EQII screenshot
A shiny at a boss' feet

What is more defining of EQII than seeing that enticing little collectable just laying there at the feet of some boss mob, beckoning you with its shininess? To highlight one of the best moments (for me at least), stick it up in the Overrealm where you have to also dodge whirlwinds that toss you off the floating isles. NPC dialgue could include quips of one trying to coax another to jump, just to "see what happens." Oh, come on! If you didn't jump, you at least know someone who did!

Nagafen/Lady Vox

I'm actually a little torn on this one. Which dragon should folks be sent to? It has to be one, but maybe doing both is a bit much. Should we brave the heat in the depths of Lavastorm or enter the frigid wastelands of Everfrost? Share with me your ideas for this one -- I just can't make up my mind!

EQII screenshotFreeport revamp

Not everything that goes into our EverQuest Next Chronoportals event needs to come from the original version of EverQuest II. One thing that would be interesting to see is a little section of Freeport in the middle stages of its revamp. Can you just imagine what comments can be tossed around by townsfolk as the city gets polished up, one side already gleaming in the fires while the other in gloomy squalor? It's the best of both worlds, whether you prefer the grungy old Freeport or the sparkling new one.

A homebody

Maybe this one is a little unorthodox, but I'd be remiss if I didn't include a nod to EQII's amazing housing system. And there are just so many directions you can run with this one. For many players, decorating is a huge part of the game. If you don't believe me, just go look at some of those places on the housing leaderboards. Of course, hopefully EQ Next has housing as well, but it may be done in a completely different way, and I think homage should be paid to the incredible creativity of folks here.

Room for more!

Once the flood of memories started, there was no stopping the crashing waves of nostalgia. There are so many more choices I want to add, but I just can't, else there wouldn't be room for your momentous occasions. Everyone has his own personal, group, or guild iconic moments, so tell us: What would you choose to put in EQN as a nod to what life was like back in its predecessor, EverQuest II? Share in the comments below!

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