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Microsoft's Kodu challenge invites the younger generation to design games


As part of its encouraging Imagine Cup, Microsoft is giving young ones that are aged between 9 and 18 the chance to enter a game design challenge dubbed Kodu. With a renowned Xbox controller being used as the main interface, Kodu will allow kids and teens to create games on a PC or Xbox "via a simple visual programming language" -- which allows them to virtually layout anything from sculpted landscapes and decorated trees, to creating their own scoring system, gameplay and, of course, characters. The Imagine Cup Kodu Challenge, as it's more formally known, is now open and will remain this way until May 17th, with the eventual winners set to be awarded up to $3,000. Finalists in other Imagine Cup categories, meanwhile, will nab a trip to the event in St. Petersburg, Russia, where they could end up taking home a range of prizes, including cash, grants and other goodies -- but, perhaps most importantly, also the utmost respect of all other challengers present.

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