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RunKeeper for iPad: The next revolution in running


RunKeeper (free) is a favorite of all of the marathon runners and Tour de France cyclists here at TUAW. The app is now available in a new, convenient larger size, as the developers have released RunKeeper for iPad (free).

Jason Jacobs of RunKeeper told TUAW that "many RunKeeper users found the iPhone screen to be too small to get all of their important real-time fitness information in one convenient place." The new app, which only runs on the 9.7-inch iPad with Retina display, has a much larger map display and new functionality that "couldn't be added to the original iPhone app."

The following video from RunKeeper shows the new capabilities in detail, including measuring and tracking your weight or assembling a healthy meal. The new app is available immediately for download in the App Store.

(As if it wasn't obvious already, this is an April Fool's joke by the folks at RunKeeper. Please don't actually take your iPad running.)


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