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Support Massively Online: A Kickstarter MMO


We all know that "MMORPG" stands for massively multiplayer online roleplaying game, but have you ever heard of an MMMORPG? Well, you are going to a lot from now on because a Massively massively multiplayer online roleplaying game is in the works!

Here at Massively we've been reporting on MMOs for years, but we feel it's time to dip our toes into the other side of the lake. It's time to put our great ideas and complete lack of development experience to use and actually make a kick-ass game. We're going to make the MMO we all want to play -- and we need your help. Just because we are obviously paid off by every major and several minor game studios out there doesn't mean we have infinite resources (that yacht isn't paying for itself, folks). But collectively, you do!

So we're taking a cue from the cool kids by appealing to crowdfunding to make Massively Online happen. It's going to have swords so big that you'll need a prehensile tail just to hold one. It's going to have particle effects so mind-blowing that the console crowd will be weeping on their knees in envy. It'll have sexy voice-overs done by the Massively team. It'll have sixteen pillars of gameplay. And it's going to have levels. ALL THE LEVELS.

And you can get in on the ground floor by supporting our Kickstarter project! Just check out those special rewards and become a backer today.

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