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Capcom's 'Gaist Crusher' is a cross-media assault on Japanese kids' allowances


Capcom's newest IP, Gaist Crusher, is planned at the outset as an exercise in the company's "Single Content Multiple Usage" strategy. It's primarily a 3DS game designed for children, but it'll also be a manga series in Saikyo Jump and V-Jump magazines, an anime produced by Pierrot, music by Avex Entertainment, and "Gaimetal" toys by Bandai.

The new game combines Capcom's "expertise in producing content for children," gained through years of Mega Man games, and the "high-grade multiplayer capability that generated a strong response for the Monster Hunter series."

Whether this vaguely cynical, corporate-driven approach to creating a hit franchise will work or not remains to be seen, but, uh, the game looks pretty fun. It'll be out in Japan this winter.

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