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DS puzzle game Orion's Odyssey raising funds through Kickstarter


Orion's Odyssey is the second Nintendo DS game to seek funding assistance through Kickstarter, following the successful use of the platform as a pre-order campaign for Jason Rohrer's Diamond Trust of London.

Developed by Island Officials, the team of board game enthusiasts behind semi-obscure DS release Hands On! Tangrams, Orion's Odyssey is a "comedy-puzzle game" about a handy robot and his seven-year-old friend, who have adventures on the top screen while solving pattern block puzzles on the bottom screen, arranging differently-shaped blocks to fill each puzzle's shape.

Island Officials originally planned to find a publisher for Orion's Odyssey, but to no avail. "While they all had great things to say about our game and our efforts, they wanted to move away from Nintendo DS to other digital markets including the new 3DS system, as well as mobile phones and tablets," the developer writes.

The team found a publisher willing to take on the plum deal of helping get the game through submission if Island Officials covered all production costs, and so it's asking for precisely $85,412 on Kickstarter.

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