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World of Warcraft Rewards Visa is getting a rewards upgrade

Fans of free stuff -- and who isn't? -- will appreciate the news that the World of Warcraft Rewards Visa is getting an upgrade. Currently the program offers game time rewards, but the new Blizzard Maximum Rewards program will offer more standard credit card rewards (such as gift cards, merchandise, cash back, and travel rewards) and also "additional Blizzard merchandise," which we're hoping means you can redeem points for pets, server transfers, and the like. While Blizzard's own information hasn't been updated yet, we received this straight from account-holder Orkchop, who received a letter explaining the upgraded program.

The program is due to start May 10th, so if you haven't signed up for your own World of Warcraft Rewards Visa, there's still plenty of time to get in on the action: head to Blizzard's website to apply. As is only fitting, you can choose from a number of geeky, Warcraft-themed card designs and even choose to immortalize your own character on your card. Any other questions? Check Blizzard's FAQ.

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