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Big Jambox 2.0 update brings extended battery life, new AAC support for iOS 6.1

Nicole Lee, @nicole

If you thought $300 was a lot of money to drop on the Big Jambox, Jawbone has just released an update that might make that amount a little easier to swallow. The 2.0 software for the large Bluetooth speaker brings new AAC support for iOS 6.1 that promises better audio streams with fewer interruptions, two more hours of battery life when streaming from a iOS 6.1 device, synced volume control, a mode that silences all voice prompts and tones, improved LED response time and last but not least, support for the PS Vita. Simply head over to Jawbone's MyTalk website, plug in your Big Jambox via USB and follow the instructions on how to make your big booming speaker even better.

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