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Net Applications: Safari still the top mobile browser


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According to the latest data from Net Applications, Apple's Safari still dominates mobile browser web traffic. As reported by John Paczkowski at AllThingsD, Safari for iOS grabbed 61.79 percent of all mobile browser web traffic in March of 2013, up from 55.41 percent in February.

Net Applications bases its numbers on 160 million visits to more than 40,000 websites each month. The numbers show that despite being installed on many more devices than Safari, Google's Android browser on captures 21.86 percent of mobile web traffic, followed by Opera Mini at 8.4 percent.

Users of Microsoft Windows Phones, which use Internet Explorer, apparently haven't found out that they can use their devices to visit websites, as that mobile browser claims only a 1.99 percent share. BlackBerry devices trailed the pack with only a 0.91 percent share.

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