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Star Trek Online sets the stage for Romulan expansion


A little confused as to how the Romulans fit into Star Trek Online now that their homeworlds have gone kablooey? Cryptic Lead Content Designer Scott Shicoff wrote a new dev blog to explain the setup for this May's Legacy of Romulus and how players fit into the scheme of things.

According to Shicoff, following the supernova that destoyed the Romulan homeworlds, the population split into three factions. The Tal Shiar is a dangerous sect led by Empress Sela that has no problems aligning itself with bad seeds. The Romulan Republic is a more peaceful group that seeks reunification and the end of xenophobia. And the final are survivors -- the players -- who are scattered everywhere and have yet to align with either of the two other factions.

Read up on the three factions over at Star Trek Online!

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