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Apple pulls another app in China selling 'forbidden content'


The Financial Times is reporting that Apple has pulled the "jingdian shucheng" app from the Chinese App Store since the app provided access to three books by banned author Wang Lixiong. The free app is still available in all other App Stores. Wang told the Financial Times that he believed the decision to remove the app was for "political reasons."

This isn't the first time that Apple has yanked an app that has the potential to upset the ruling Communist Party in China. As far back as 2009, TUAW reported on how Apple had removed apps that referred to the exiled Dalai Lama.

A number of blogs and newspapers are looking at this action as somehow being tied to Apple's recent public apology about its warranty policies in China, but it's just another in a long string of apps that have been censored by Apple as part of doing business in the country.

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