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iHeartRadio keeps Android users in mind, boosts app with 'Perfect for' and alarm clock features


This year's CES is well behind us now, but that was back when iHeartRadio first introduced some extensive alarm clock functions and its handy "Perfect for" feature. And while these have been available on iOS and PC since, a recent update to the Android application will now see them present in Mountain View's mobile platform as well. To give you a quick refresh, "Perfect for" provides listeners with the option to choose from more than 1,500 curated stations that are based on current moods and activities, while the alarm clock simply allows reminders / alerts to be customized to launch with any music or radio stations. So, Android users, fret not, as iHeartRadio hasn't forgotten about you; perhaps it was just making sure the new tidbits were -- you guessed it -- perfect for you.

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