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Lineage II releases Lindvior update trailer, announces PvP tourney

MJ Guthrie

Before Lineage II's big Lindvior update hits servers in May, players can participate in an inter-server PvP competition for a chance at some impressive prizes, including piles of adena, R99-Grade eternal armor sets, weapons, wigs, and more. During the month of April, up to 32 different teams will fight for the title of greatest PvPers in the 2013 Battle Tournament.

Unlike many PvP tourneys, this one will be focusing on skill by removing gear discrepancies; all participants will set up with a premade level 99 character on a special event server. Folks who use any items or skills that differ from the premade settings will be disqualified along with their entire team. To qualify for this event, all players on a team must be from the same server, at least level 85, and from a different Awakened classes. All qualified teams must also pay an entry fee of 350 million adena.

For complete details on how to enter, check out the official rules and requirements. And you can watch trailers for both the Battle Tournament and the upcoming Lindvior update after the break.

[Thanks to FizzyFreeze for the tip!]

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