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Oakley gives Bubba Watson a hovercraft to replace his golf cart (video)


While there's plenty of tech to improve your swing, the golf course itself doesn't see too much innovation which is why this attention-grab from Oakley and Bubba Watson is even more enjoyable. The audacious golfer decided that he was tired of pootling around courses in a golf buggy, so his new sponsors enlisted the help of Neoteric Hovercraft to build him a whip that isn't restricted to the cart path. In fact, with the BW1 hovercraft, Watson can take shortcuts across water hazards and through sand traps while shaded under the traditional golf buggy canopy -- making it the perfect ride for the eccentric 2012 Masters winner. If you'd like to see the other golfers stare in slack-jawed disbelief, then head on past the break for the video.

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