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Super Joystiq Podcast 044 Live: Thief, BioShock Infinite [Update: Watch the replay]


Update: The live show is over, watch the replay above.

Yep, just BioShock Infinite. That's the only thing we care about right now – even outside of the gaming world (we might have serious issues). But really, have you played this one yet? Xav de Matos gave it a perfect score in our review, calling it "one of the best told stories of this generation" and the "finest game crafted by Irrational Games." If you think that all sounds ridiculous, here's your chance to get the reasoning behind the praise, straight from the reviewer himself, and backed up by a gang of enthused Joystiq staffers.

That's right – a gang. Don't mess with our BioShock Infinite, ya hear? Oh, you want more? Ludwig Kietzmann saw Thief. He'll tell you all about it!

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