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The Queue: Lollipop and removing heroic dungeons from the random LFG tool

Adam Holisky

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Adam Holisky (@adamholisky) will be your host today.

Enjoy the above video.

Really, enjoy it. A friend at my other gig showed this to me earlier this week -- it's been annoyingly stuck in my head ever since. And before anyone goes there, no, there is no hidden meaning to lollipop, the song writer has even come out and said it just means don't get done with your childhood too fast, that love will find you.

Anyways, once again, enjoy.

Jackson asked:

We know heroic scenarios are coming, and today I learned these are only for premade groups, but I can't seem to find info on whether the new scenarios are heroic only or not. Will I be able to run non-heroic versions with an LFD group?

All new scenarios have non-heroic versions (as far as I know, which is hopefully pretty far).

I don't think you need to worry about Blizzard pulling the random group finder from non-heroic versions of scenarios. That's a pretty big part of the game for a lot of people these days, and it'd be unwise to mess with that.

Personally though, I kind of dig that the heroic versions are not LFG accessible. That's returning a bit to the local community and what the individual guild/server can offer. People always complain that LFG killed the concept of a server, and this is a tiny step in the opposite direction (although I'm sure those people complaining will find something else to complain about). That said, this whole change has gotten me thinking... what if Blizzard in REDACTED, the next expansion, decided to make the normal versions of 5-man dungeons LFG-able, and the heroic versions not? I'd be a drastic change, but it could spark renewed interest in the concept of a guild and server; and things would work just like LFR -- everyone can see the content, but if you want the hard stuff, you need a guild.

NYCBlackout89 asked:

How do you get through a LFR with the most incompetent people in the world? I am getting sick of people using DETERMINATION as an excuse to completely give up trying. It should not take 4 attempts at Garalon to down him. It is also tiring waiting an hour to que for last boss that clearly half the people were either kicked or left from. I need some tips to not kill someone. SERENITY NOW.

Stick with it. Really, that's the only option. Eventually you'll get the multiple wipes buff to stack high enough where it should be a faceroll, and the right people will come in that can do it.

I'm not entirely convinced that the current LFR is correctly tuned. It's a bit too difficult for pugs to get through, and I think that Blizzard may need to reevaluate how the step up the difficulty between LFR tiers. Players need an increase in difficulty, yes, but it can't be such that it makes things unfun to play. Those that want that kind of stepped up challenge (and consider such things fun) hit up heroic mode bosses; I'm not sure that LFR's current difficulty is doing well in this regard.

Keep in mind that this is Blizzard first time it's had two LFRs active in the same expansion. Even though LFR has been around well over a year, they haven't had two tiers to deal with before. It will take some time and iteration for this system worked out completely right.

Merkavar asked:

Name my new rogue toon


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