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Battle Worlds: Kronos reaches Kickstarter goal, out this year


Developer KING Art's Kickstarter campaign for Battle Worlds: Kronos has surpassed its goal of $120,000, with another 22 days of fundraising to go. As of this writing, the game has $160K in donations.

So, who are these folks? Founded in Bremen, Germany, back in 2000, KING Art's biggest claim to fame so far is the point and click adventure game The Book of Unwritten Tales. The critical and commercial success of that game (mostly in Europe) is what's allowed them to focus on Battle Worlds: Kronos, a passion project for the team.

A prototype for Battle Worlds, a game that's clearly inspired by the streamlined approach to tactics á la Advanced Wars or a German board game, was floated by the developer in 2007, but publishers told them it was too niche.

Now, six years later and with the option of community funding from Kickstarter, KING Art is working to prove them wrong. The game will enter its alpha stage sometime in the next couple months, enter closed beta in the third quarter for backers and go into open beta shortly after. KING Art tells us the game will make its fourth quarter launch and we'll have the opportunity to check Battle Worlds: Kronos out at Gamescom in August.

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