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Can I Stream It makes movie night simpler


The way we watch movies and television is evolving, as more people adopt on-demand video. But still, the old question remains: "What's on that's worth watching?"

The free web service Can I Stream It can help provide an answer. It lets you search for your favorite shows and movies to see if they are available on popular streaming, rental and digital purchase services. Can I Stream It will notify you when a currently unavailable program or film later becomes available on your selected services.

Can I Stream It is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and as a Chrome extension. Just today, I was poking around and discovered Snatch, one of my favorite Guy Ritchie flims, available on YouTube for free. Being so used to watching streaming content via Netflix and Hulu Plus, I had forgotten YouTube streams many full-length movies because of large content providers like Crackle.

The next time you find yourself in the mood for some Aaron Sorkin, Charlie Kaufman or Ernest P. Worrell, Can I Stream It can whisk you away into the cinematic worlds of The Newsroom, Synecdoche, New York or Kamp Kikakee.

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