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Catch a glimpse of PlanetSide 2's Game Update 6

PlanetSide 2's Game Update 6 is here, bringing with it some new membership benefits, an alert system, and beautiful service ribbons.

Starting with the new update, members have access to an additional three character slots and an exclusive Daily Sale in the Depot. The new alert system is a process for introducing server-wide events. When an alert is triggered, players will have a limited amount of time to complete it. Everyone supporting the winning Empire will receive a bonus upon completion, and all players in range of the alert will get some nifty bonus XP. These alerts will primarily be activated during off-peak hours in order to stir up some excitement. Service ribbons are being introduced to reward dutiful soldiers; they can be earned for tasks like killing, healing, and reviving other players. Earning a ribbon will grant you up to 500 XP.

Of course, the update also introduces a heaping portion of balance changes, bug fixes, and other fun things.

[Edit: Updated to reflect the fact that the patch was released earlier this week.]

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