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Star Trek Online: An introduction to Romulan Warbirds

A lot of the recent hullabaloo in the Star Trek Online portion of the Internet has been about the Romulan Republic becoming a playable faction in the game's upcoming expansion, Legacy of Romulus. Well, if you're going to play as a member of the Romulan Republic, you'd darn well better know about their ships.

Romulan Warbirds are large and resilient and typically rely on cloaking instead of high maneuverability. Romulan Republic players will have a handful of ships available to them as they level, while unique ships and retrofits of the freely available ones will be up for purchase in the C-Store. Players will start out with the relatively light and maneuverable T'liss Light Warbird. They'll have four more tiers of ship upgrades available, up to the Ha'apax Advanced Warbird. Each Romulan Warbird has a playstyle that's somewhat analogous to ships already in the game.

Check out the official post to feast your eyes on the upcoming spaceboats in all their glory.

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