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A eulogy for LucasArts, from LucasArts


Imagine former LucasArts Composer Jesse Harlin standing at the lectern, dressed in black, and delivering the following eulogy while pictures of his colleagues fade in and out in a slideshow behind him:

"LucasArts died today. It was 30 years old. Ask gamers to recall George Lucas' gaming company and they'll tell you about fulfilled childhood fantasies inside the cockpit of a TIE Bomber or laugh with you about insult sword fighting. They remember the time they spent in the boots of Kyle Katarn, Ben Throttle, or Boss. They remember our successes and they remember our stumbles. But that was the public face of LucasArts."

The speech continues, noting times of triumph and the deep, personal relationships shared by employees of LucasArts over the years, told from an inside perspective. Disney shut down LucasArts on April 3, after more than 30 years of operation, halting production on all of its games.

Harlin penned the words of what he dubs "A Eulogy for LucasArts," and he put it to photos that Joel Aron snapped of employees on their final day in the office, compiled in a heartfelt series here.

When we recall LucasArts, we think of point-and-click adventures, the SCUMM engine and TIE Fighter, among many more fond memories.

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