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Breakfast Topic: Did you participate in Noblegarden?

Anne Stickney

I have a confession to make. I didn't really do anything at all for Noblegarden this year. Let's face it, I got the mount last year. I've done all the quests. I've gotten all the achievements. There's nothing remarkably new or exciting about the holiday, so I just ... skipped it. And to be perfectly honest, I'd sort of forgotten it existed until I suddenly found myself randomly slapped with a pair of bunny ears.

And this has been kind of par for the course for holidays. I barely notice them in passing. I did pick up my gifts under the tree during Winter's Veil, but other than that, the year has been kind of a blur as far as in game holidays goes. Now maybe it's just the fact that I've been playing this game so terribly long, but I do tend to wonder -- how many people are participating in the holiday stuff? How many people are still after achievements, mounts, pets, and other fun things assorted with the holidays?

It also makes me wonder if we'll see any more revamps of the old stuff in Mists. Supposedly, Brewfest is due for a visit from the pandaren this year, which might just convince me it's worth attending this time around. I would, however, like to see a new holiday introduced. I'd love to see a pandaren holiday. Not the Wanderer's Festival, but a once-a-year, proper holiday event. It's a given that pandaren likely know how to throw one heck of a party, so let's see one in action!

So how about you guys? Did you head out and participate in Noblegarden? Are there any holidays you're still participating in, year after year? Do you think Azeroth could use a new annual holiday -- and if so, what do you think it should be? And don't worry -- if you, like me, completely forgot about Noblegarden, you've got the rest of the day to frantically gather eggs before it's all over. Just hit up low level towns of either faction and start hunting!

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