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iOS 7 concept video shows intriguing possibilities


With Scott Forstall out of the fray at Apple, having been replaced with Jony Ive, a lot of people are very excited to see what type of UI changes Apple may incorporate into iOS 7.

Recently, we reported on a number of rumblings which suggest that development on iOS 7 is running behind schedule. As a result, Apple has reportedly pulled engineers from its OS X team to assist with iOS development in an effort to ensure it's ready to go for WWDC later this Summer.

While Ive's newly applied design aesthetic to iOS 7 is reportedly being well received by those who have seen it, there haven't been many specific details as to what UI features we can expect to see in Apple's upcoming iteration of iOS.

To that end, designer F. Bianco recently posted a series of images to Flickr which showcase a number of interesting and thought provoking iOS concepts.

Some of the concepts include an enhanced lockscreen with direct access to settings such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, a quick settings pane that displays all of a user's settings in one location, and an engaging implementation of widgets.

Bianco also demonstrates what Mission Control would look like on iOS.

There are definitely no shortage of iOS concept videos circulating on the web, but Bianco offers some original and elegant ideas that are really worth checking out.

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