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Facebook's paid messaging experiment lets you harass celebrities for a premium


Remember the Facebook experiment that'd let you pay to send messages to strangers' inboxes? According to several reputable sources, not only will you be able to inflict your opinions on members of the general public, but for a premium you'll also be able to abuse celebrities. According to The Sunday Times, figures such as Michael Rosen, Tom Daley and Salman Rushdie can all be reached if you splash out around £10.68 ($16) -- with the fees on a sliding scale based on how many followers they have. According to prolific twitterer Rosen, he wasn't asked about being charged for access, and won't receive a penny of the paid fan mail. In an effort to test it out, we sent a cheery Monday morning missive to Snoop Dogg Snoop Lion, who is meant to be on the price list, but strangely we weren't charged a penny -- so we're not sure how far this has been rolled out. Either way, that's a tenner saved right there.

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