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Vine Flip takes your Vine videos analog


Twitter's free Vine app has been around for about two months, capturing six-second videos for sharing with the rest of the world. Now there's Vine Flip, a service that wants you to get offline and go analog with your brief masterpieces. Vine Flip does this by converting your videos into paper flipbooks.

Vine Flip is simple: you sign up for the service and then enter the URL for your Vine video on Vine Flip in your favorite browser. To get that URL, just tap the share button in the Vine app, then tap "Embed" and email the URL to yourself -- you'll have to remove the "/embed" portion. Click continue in Vine Flip, and you should see your Vine movie playing. Next you get to pick one of three covers, and then choose how many flipbooks you want.

The service charges US$10 for a pair of flipbooks, $24 for a 5-pack, $45 for 10 or $85 for 20. Within days, the flipbooks are delivered to you for flippin' fun! While the pricing's a little steep for everyday use, these flipbooks could be fun for party favors or gifts. Can you imagine being a wedding guest and getting a flipbook of the bride and groom doing something idiotic? Vine Flip looks like a fun way to get hands-on with digital video.

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